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Coach Fix-It® leads Tomco's training team. The Coach provides a winning game plan for diagnosing your engine's problems. Look for Coach Fix-It on books, tools , and Tech Tips. from Tomco Inc.


Tomco offers a set of paperback books on diagnosing and troubleshooting today's engines. In these books, Coach Fix-It covers:

  • electricity basics
  • how microprocessors, computers and logic systems interact with your
    engine systems
  • how to pull and understand diagnostic codes
  • how to better understand system components and their operation
  • how to choose and operate the right diagnostic tools.

    Volume 1 covers Domestic vehicles. Volume 2 covers Imports (Accura - Lexus), and Volume 3 covers Imports (Mazda - Yugo).


    One of the tools available is the Pass-Key Service
    Code Retrieval Kit
    . Tomco designed this unique tool to ease access to your domestic vehicle's diagnostic service codes. A key allows code access, and a set of pocket-size cards define codes for GM, Chrysler and Ford.

    Tomco's Oxygen Sensor Tester will also be detailed in the tool catalog, a long with dozens of other Tomco tools, including:

  • EGR Carbon Filter
  • EGR Valve Tester
  • Float Weight Scale
  • Fuel Injection Test Tools
  • Mixture Control Adjustment Kit
  • O2 Sensor Socket
  • Quick-Probe Test Connector
  • Wire & Hose Marking Kit
  • Wire-Safe Probe Test Connector